Clear your full name of Internet and their search engines

Clearing your name search engines results is possible

At Eliminalia, we guarantee our results.  We are dedicated to completely erasing your past. You have the right to eliminate unwanted articles, posts and images.

ELIMINALIA was created precisely for this reason; to protect and ensure your privacy. The internet, as wonderful a tool that it is with all of its advantages, can also become your worst nightmare. Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights and rightfully so, is protected by law.

Things have drastically changed. Today’s news, real or fake, will remain on the internet available for anyone to view. A bad comment, libel or slander, can destroy years of good reputation of businesses and people.

“It used to be that today’s news would be used to wrap fish or to clean your windows tomorrow (alluding to the physical pages of a newspaper).”

Your online reputation is becoming increasingly important

This is why we are dedicated to “erasing” your past. Our team will delete one by one all the links that exist about you individually or your company, including, if necessary, initiating legal actions that lead to the desired target through our in house legal team. While this can be time intensive and even costly, in many cases the cost is just a small fraction compared to the potential damage negative press can cost you or your company. Your online reputation is becoming increasingly important and hence should be protected.

ELIMINALIA will monitor and protect your online reputation with our vast resources. Best of all, we guarantee our results.

Why Us?

Mass media

Your name or brand has been published in some media and you want to delete it? We take care of it, we did it many times, we always did it and this isn’t different with you, trust in Eliminalia, we are the leading company in Europe in deleting information from internet

State gazzettes

Eliminalia ensures that your name or the name of your company published in any state’s official gazette, will be encrypted / encoded to prevent others to access it. We delete of the search engines any access to your information.

Social networks and forums

Do you want to remove your name from any social network ?Someone has created a profile and speaks ill of you or your brand? Do you need to remove all traces urgently? We will delete it from internet.

We delete your media

We perfectly know how disgusting can be for you that a video or a photgaphy gets viral on the Internet, in hundreds of social networks that today exist, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube…

We help you rebuild your future by deleting unwanted and erroneus information and help guarantee your right to anonimity

individual or business

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