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Our methodical process guarantees success

Contractual documentation

We provide a private contract to the client between him and the company or between his company and our company, through which we indicate the company’s obligations with the interested party. In this contract, we specify the information to eliminate, the estimated time, the price and guarantee of success.


We share with client the negative publications found on Internet by our experts to protect your reputation.

for information

We attend the request of the client or your company, to find negative information on Internet.


Our computer engineers and their tools, together with the Eliminalia’s professional team, analyze the content to proceed to its elimination or modification.

Find responsible

We identify the websites with negative contents and the people responsible of these contents.

Information deleted

The negative and damaging contents for our the client’s reputation, have been successfully eliminated

Intranet & Progress

The client can control at any time, from the computer or mobile, the results that are being obtained progressively.

We help you rebuild your future by deleting unwanted and erroneus information and help guarantee your right to anonimity

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