Delete your information on social networks, forums and comments

Do you want to remove content about you on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and others?

Is there compromising comments about you or your company in online forums or blogs?

Eliminalia can delete unwanted content from the internet in order to help you restore your image.

It is increasingly common for people, particularly public figures, to suddenly find themselves in an unwanted spotlight when a blog, photo, video or comments go viral.

Unwanted content can be generated by virtually anybody and can grow exponentially quickly

Not only does Eliminalia get rid of unwanted content but we also believe it is important to manage content before damage can be done.

Why Us?

We delete your name

Clear your full name of Internet and their search engines is possible. In Eliminalia we guarantee results, we are dedicated to completely erase your past because you also have the right to be forgotten.

Mass media

Your name or brand has been published in some media and you want to delete it? We take care of it, we did it many times, we always did it and this isn’t different with you, trust in Eliminalia, we are the leading company in Europe in deleting information from internet

State gazzettes

Eliminalia ensures that your name or the name of your company published in any state’s official gazette, will be encrypted / encoded to prevent others to access it. We delete of the search engines any access to your information.

We delete your media

We perfectly know how disgusting can be for you that a video or a photgaphy gets viral on the Internet, in hundreds of social networks that today exist, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube…

We help you rebuild your future by deleting unwanted and erroneus information and help guarantee your right to anonimity

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