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Experts on deleting data of public figures.

The main question most of the public people wonder is: Is it really possible to erase all this information that has been shared in the social network, forums, and media?

This feeling “ I am a public personage” and everythig can be said on my person, the cay talk of my sons, of my private life, of my husbans, wifes, Jobs. If I have stolen Banks, If I was politician, if I appear in all the TV news in my country and other countries. YOU DON´T HAVE TO GIVE UP AND ACCEPT IT.

Before going on, forgive us as we talk to you in an informal way. This is because we like nearness and transparency, of course all the information you can provide us is absolutely confidential. We understand you don’t share this information with everybody.

If you are decided and you want us to contact you, fill the following form of contact and we will call you as soon as possible.

We can help you of the same way as we have done with other people

Our target of costumers si really wide, we have treated with topics of corruption, with today´s news in the media, press, actors, actresses, politicians, singers, football players, businessmen, and of course pink press topics.

We can help you of the same way as we have done with other people who we can´t name due to our confidential contract signed with them. We do want to say, that if we don’t get the wanted results, we will return the money to you.

Confidentiality and guarantees

The confidentiality we use with our clients and how we deal with them, define our way to work under guaranteed results.

Have you decided to control your information online and keep track of it?

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