Ethics as a central value of the profession and its exercise

The code of professional ethics is the instrument designed to facilitate compliance and implementation, that is emphasized ethics as a central value of the profession and its exercise.

Respect for Human Rights and their dignity

The / as employees, collaborators or partners undertakes to respect and adhere to the principles established in the Universal Declaration of human rights. In particular, respect the dignity and value of all people and the right to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination, diversity and autonomy. At the same time, respect individual differences, cultural, gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, or others.


It’s the responsibility of the workers , collaborators or partners to have a suitable level of competence, providing only those services and techniques for which is trained by his professional training, as well as recognizing the boundaries of their discipline. It is also their responsibility to be permanent updated of their knowledge and scientific and professional information relevant to the services they provide.

Professional Commitment

Workers, collaborators or partners will adhere to the principles and standards of conduct contained in this Code, assuming the responsibility for compliance. As well as the commitment to promote the right to oblivion. In those situations for which there are no standards and/or criteria recognized professionals, it will be up to the workers/collaborators or partners of Eliminalia exercise careful judgment.


The workers , collaborators or partners will be guided by the principles of probity, honesty, justice and respect for others in their professional practice. In this context, it shall take into account their own systems of beliefs, values, needs and limits and the effect they have on their work. In the same way, workers, collaborators or partners to avoid behaviors in their private life that can generate public doubts about their honesty or conformation ethics that affect the image or the profession of the brand ELIMINALIA.


The workers, collaborators or partners of Eliminalia, in the exercise of their profession, will prevent personal influences or pressures and/or institutional barriers that undermine their conformation ethics, respect for the object of their professional practice and compliance with the code of ethics for the profession. This principle requires explicit, to whom it may concern, the situations in which external demands are in conflict with this Code of Ethics.

Social Responsibilty

The workers , collaborators or partners of Eliminalia will have present their professional responsibility. Also their social commitment will contribute to the knowledge, study and transformation of their society, and the promotion and development of laws and social policies that aim, since its specificity, to create conditions that contribute to the well-being and development of the community.

Use of information obtained in a professional relationship

If on the occasion of the professional exercise workers, collaborators or partners of Eliminalia hearing “privileged information”, legally defined as such, should refrain from making use of it for purposes other than the professional care. Constitutes a transgression even more serious using the information to the detriment of the client.

Personal interference in the exercise of a profession

The workers, collaborators or partners of Eliminalia should avoid that personal, social, political, religious, institutional, or others, that may skew their professional practice. It should also take into account that its exercise may be interfered with by their personal problems and conflicts, affecting the excellence of its services and the well-being of the customers. If this happens, the worker should seek timely help to prevent or resolve this situation and/or to suspend the task undertaken, and derive the service to other professionals, with the aim of avoiding damage.

Customer care

The workers, collaborators or partners of Eliminalia should attend their customers for as long as is necessary, or according to the previously established convention. If this is not possible, will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that this count with the care that you need. You should avoid any situation and/or action that, without a justified reason, can interfere in the time and attention to your customer has right or that may distract you from a good performance.


The confidentiality of the customer’s background is a duty for the workers, collaborators or partners of Eliminalia, in how much you they have to worry about them through procedures and methods that the safeguard of knowledge by unauthorized persons. To ensure that the customer’s background are made in such a way as to restrict the maximum knowledge by third parties.

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