Clear your full name of Internet and their search engines is possible. In Eliminalia we guarantee results, we are dedicated to completely erase your past because you also have the right to be forgotten.

ELIMINALIA, was born to ensure your privacy and network security. This wonderful tool that offers many advantages, it can also sometimes become the worst nightmare. Freedom of expression is one of our most precious rights, protected by law. But, at the same time that internet avoids censorship of the government or public institutions from information that they might not want to share, information slowly gest democratized, making it easier to take advantage of this for an improper use, people that post fake and harming information, with the only purpose of damaging your image for their own interests.

“It was said that the news of today, tomorrow will wrap sandwich (alluding to the leaves of the newspaper).”

But this has changed. Today, “news” even if it is riddled with falsehoods, remain on the internet, available to anyone looking for your name, or the name of your company. A bad comment, libel or slander, can destroy years of good reputation of businesses and people.

Aware of this, we are dedicated to “erase” your past. Our team will delete one by one all the links that exist about your person or company, if necessary initiating legal actions that lead to the desired target, as we have our own legal services. All this, of course has a cost, but how much it costs to you or your company each month to continue on this bad press? How many business opportunities do you lose because of it? The online reputation is important, and we must ensure it.

In ELIMINALIA we monitor your reputation and your company’s, and we will defend it with all our resources. We guarantee results.

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