Your name or brand has been published in some media and you want to delete it? We take care of it, we did it many times, we always did it and this isn’t different with you, trust in ELIMINALIA, we are the leading company in Europe in deleting information from internet.

After the recent new rules concerning the right to be forgotten and Google, still on debate, it is said that the processor of personal data should be the search engine. But it’s not always like this.

In Eliminalia we believe the best way to ensure the result is deleting the contents from the root, this means delete the data stored on websites or media where has been published.

Internet search engines only index the information published in web pages and media. That is why it is essential that the content is removed 100% of where it is stored and not just Internet search engines; GOOGLE, YAHOO, BING, etc. Delete that information that bothers you from a search engine does not mean it completely disappears.

Eliminalia believes indexation of web links is very important. Eliminalia guarantees you that it will not return to be published. Why would you want to desindexe a content if it can be published again?

Forget those companies that there are on internet that they charge you a little bit and guarantee you the results by telephone… Eliminalia GUARANTEES YOU BY WRITING THE RESULTS UNDER A CONTRACT, WE WILL SUCCEED, OR YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

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